First Working Private Server to Fire Rift – [HD] Rift —- Visit my HomePgae How to Play: Step 1: Download Game Step 2: Install Game Step 3: Download Private Server Luncher: Step 4: Copy Luncher to Game folder Step 5: Lunch game This server have auto create account in game. Rift Private Servers : Number of players is 315 and still growing! – 99,99% Up Time – No Lag – No Bugs – Legendary Items – New items – New swords – Dedicated Staff – Daily Events Server Rates: Exp rate: x25 Drop rate: x15 Party Exp Rate: x2 Game Story A Rift is a place where the veil between Telara and the other planes has weakened. These holes in the fabric of reality allow the destructive influence of otherworldly planes to invade Telara, threatening the area and people surrounding it. Over time, creatures that spawn from a rift may attack towns or even other rifts, and it is up to players to counter this threat. Massive Dynamic Battles: Invasions unfold zone-wide, creating epic conflicts that bring you into the story! Save the world now alongside hundreds of other players or fight to reclaim lands from invading hordes. 8 Primal Forces: Creatures from the Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Death planes battle for control of the world of Telara! Two warring factions—the Guardians and the Defiant—face off against each other and fight extra-planar creatures as they seek to save the world. Build Your Class: No other game lets you build your class the way RIFT does. Specialize in a single class or pick and choose abilities from many to <b>…</b>

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