Dragon’s Dogma – What happens to a pawn when offline?

kai Asked: Dragon’s Dogma – What happens to a pawn when offline?

Ok i've seen a lot of discussions on the web but to explain clearly my question, here's the situation.

I was online forfew hours and i was able to hire an online pawn. Then after a while i was disconnected and never attempted to connect again on that day. But i still have my hired pawn of course, it cannot just get disconnected and leave my party with less member in the middle of a fight.
Then i released the pawn after a few more levels and gave a gift.

If in case that i won't connect online anymore as in never, how will the pawn creator received my gift?

Other questions:
1. Is there a formula for Rift Crystal computation?
2. To whom should i give gifts? I noticed that there a number of NPCs that accept presents but is there a particular gift for every NPC? I've read that it will affect the affinity but what's the effect of affinity itself?


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