Different Ways Of Leveling In Rift

Leveling In RIFT – Experience rewardedleveling in rift animated Different Ways Of Leveling In Rift

Leveling in RIFT is the same as many other games.  You need experience points (XP) in order to attain higher levels.  The number of experience points needed to attain each level grows.  This helps to keep players from hanging around in lower level areas and killing low level NPCs in order go get experience.  Further, if creatures or quests are too far below a player’s level, no experience is rewarded.

There are different ranges of creatures and quests.  Approximate same level quests and creatures yield the most experience points for the effort it takes to complete the quest or kill the creature.  Quests and creatures slightly lower than a player’s approximate level yield considerably less experience.  Quests and creatures slightly above a player’s approximate level grant only slightly more experience points but are considerably more difficult to overcome.

The effect of the way experience points are rewarded is that it keeps players progressing at a fairly specific rate while also keeping them from engaging in game content that is too far below or above their current level.  However, there are strategies for maximizing the rate at which a player can achieve levels.  First lets look at the ways in which experience is obtained.

Leveling In RIFT – General questing

All quests have the same basic format; 1) Accept the quest. 2) Accomplish one or more tasks outlined in the quest. 3) Turn in the quest and get your rewards.

Rewards can be money, items, gear, XP, or any combination of those.  As long as the level of the request is within the appropriate level range for your character’s level, XP is always one of the possible rewards.  So, if you are trying to level up your character, questing is very important.  The quests are typically pretty fun and are designed specifically for various purposes.

Some quests are designed to teach you how to play the game.  These are more abundant in the lower levels.  After a you have achieved enough training, the quests stop being so much about training and more about things specific to the game world or a number of different story lines.  Remember, this is an adventure game and thankfully, the makers of RIFT have done a really good job at making you feel like you are on an adventure almost constantly.

Most people like to do most or all of the quests in order to experience the game content more fully.  However, since there are so many characters that you can play, a majority of the quests become redundant and not as interesting the second, third, fourth time around and so on.  Some of the quests are designed specific to a class or role or trade that you may be playing, but these quests are fewer in number in comparison.  Once a player has experienced the story and adventure of the quests, many who build new characters are interested in leveling as fast as possible.

To level as fast as you can, it is better to only complete quests that will reward the maximum amount of XP for the effort needed to accomplish those quests.  See “Basic Tips For Leveling Quickly” for more details.

Leveling In RIFT – Daily quests

Daily quests can be a nice boost for leveling in RIFT since they are available each day and the task are fairly simple.  In most cases the experience points gained for these quests is well worth the effort and time.  Many times these quests are specific to an area, however; this is not true for all daily quests.  If you are only interested in leveling up and not really in it for the other rewards, only accept the quests that are easy to get to and take a short time to complete.

Leveling In RIFT – Storyline quests

Story line quests do come with a reward of XP, but these tend to be more for the immersion of the player into the game rather than for leveling.  It is probably best to bypass these if you are trying to level your character quickly.  We will be adding more information to this section once we have a chance to analyze this as an option for leveling quickly.

Leveling In RIFT – Trade skill quests

Leveling up your trade skills can have a dual effect.  While increasing your trade skills you will, of course, be leveling your character.  This is worth consideration for leveling quickly.  While these quests may not reward a high amount of XP, if you plan to use this character for some sort of craft, you will need to work on leveling up the trade skills once you have achieved top level anyway.  You might as well get it done on your way up.

Leveling In RIFT – Warfronts (PVP battle)

There are two types of people in the world of RIFT; those that enjoy PVE and those that enjoy PVP.  Players may take part in both, but everyone tends to lean more towards one or the other.

PVP battles are a great way of leveling in RIFT, if you like the PVP aspect of the game.  Not only do you get points you can use to purchase great gear, you get XP as well.  You can level your character while enjoying the fields of battle against other real players.

Leveling In RIFT – Dungeons and raids

Running with a group in dungeons and raids is not only a great way to gain XP, but you can attain superior gear compared to the gear you get from regular quest rewards.  Plus, the dungeon quests reward you with huge XP rewards.

The trick with running dungeons and raids is making sure you don’t waste your time running with groups that are not experienced or under level for the dungeon.  If your purpose is leveling in RIFT, be careful choosing who you run with.  If you are in it for the gear and the dungeon experience (not XP), then go with whatever group you choose and enjoy all that dungeons and raids bring.

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