Dark Souls Walkthrough – Royal Wood Speed Guide – Artorias of the Abyss DLC (EP1)

Arriving in Sanctuary Garden we quickly dispose of the guardian before clearing Royal Wood. This area houses the poised Guardian Set, hp regen mushrooms, scissor ents, a titanite slab and some interesting NPCs. We cover ground quickly, try to keep up! How to access AotA DLC: 1. Kill Hydra in Darkroot Basin (exit & reload) 2. Kill red crystal golem in the same locale to free Dusk of Oolacile 3. Smash the new blue crystal golem as you begin Duke's Archives 4. Once the broken pendent is retrieved the abyss rift will be available TIMELINE 00:00 Entering the Abyss 01:10 Dex/Pyro Build and Item Breakdown 02:03 Sanctuary Guardian 03:30 Oolacile Sanctuary Bonfire 04:00 Elizabeth NPC/Merchant 05:45 Guardian Leggings 06:42 Crystal Lizard 1 07:05 Guardian Helm 07:50 Guardian Armor 08:45 Crystal Lizard 2 09:30 Shortcut (Activate Elevator) 09:45 Guardian Gloves 10:10 Marvelous Chester 13:00 Crystal Lizard 3 14:00 Titanite Slab Thanks for watching!

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