51 Marksman Rogue build/rotation Patch 1.6

This is the first "guide" I've made of this type and I will be making plenty more to help others in Team Hoff or the game in general, possibly intended more for newer players perhaps that may have hit 50 recently and not sure what to do with their shiney new toon. This is my 51 marksman/10 ranger/ 5 riftstaler rogue. Credit for the build and rotation goes to Mizori our mad main tank who started out on a Rogue caleld Kassin, so knows his onions. There is a brief explanation of my build and rotration in the video. I didn't have a parser running at the time but get about 1k dps with T2 and crafted gear easily on single target. It's a really easy and fun to play build with a few nice touches like Eradicate and Deaden which are two very handy abilities. There are ofc variations on the 51 Marksman and I know that Konir prefers to ahve a different buid that gives him more interupts.

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