Looking For The Best RIFT Leveling Guide?

anim cleric man2 Looking For The Best RIFT Leveling Guide?I’ve played a lot of games and I enjoy MMORPGs the most by far.  Tens of millions of people are playing an MMORPG right now.  The newest and growing to be the hottest right now is RIFT.  With a great game comes great complexity.  A guide can be a very handy tool for those looking to get the most enjoyment out of a game.  RIFT Supremacy is one of the best RIFT leveling guides available.

Why bother with a rift leveling guide?

RIFT is a very rich and complex game environment.  The makers of the game (Trion Worlds, INC.) have done a great job of trying to make the game intuitive and easy to get the hang of, but if you want to get the most enjoyment, a RIFT leveling guide may be what you need.

In the game, there are 2 factions in which you can choose from 4 different classes (Mage, Rogue, Cleric, Warrior).  Each class has 8 souls to choose from.  When building a character, you will choose 3 souls that you will configure as a role that you can play.  Each character can have up to 5 roles that can be changed in and out.  You should already be able to see that there are many combinations of build configurations making it seem as though the possibilities are endless.  On top of that, you may play several different characters.

With so many combinations available, it can take an incredible amount of time to explore them all.  I play a good number of characters and I still haven’t come close to scratching the surface.  I simply can’t get enough.  Even just focusing on one character can take a very long time to master that character’s skills especially if you decide to branch out and use all 5 roles.  Not everyone wants to flounder around trying to learn how to play each class and role.  The game has many levels to achieve and that is only the beginning.

Once you have gotten to the highest level, now is when the game takes off.  There are top level dungeons, raids, and gear to conquer and obtain.  There is an ever-changing master of the PVP Warfronts.  You can take the long road to be the best of the best or you can get your hands on a RIFT leveling guide that can show you the best builds and the fastest way route for leveling your character so that you can not only make it to the big game, but put the others to shame.

fast leveling Looking For The Best RIFT Leveling Guide? best builds Looking For The Best RIFT Leveling Guide?
Click the image above to learn more about leveling in RIFT. There are many ways to enjoy the game of RIFT. Leveling is only part of the game. The journey you take to get to the highest level is just a prelude to the adventures that await you. Parts of the game are only experienced by those who have gone all the way. Even at the top level you will need epic gear to be able to conquer the foes and obtain the treasures that await you. Click the image above to learn about RIFT builds. Choosing and mastering a character build is a drop in the bucket. There are many combinations and more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. You will need to understand how the skills and abilities work together to affect great damage, healing, protection, or support. Whether running solo, in groups, or in the Warfronts for PVP, your character’s build can mean the different between victory and defeat.

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